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Tiger – Drover

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The Wildcat Gear Tiger is our innovative solution to securely hold your own dry bag behind your saddle. It provides a very secure attachment and minimal interference with your bike. The Drover version is sized to suit a larger load between 5 and 10 litres. Perfect for those longer  bikepacking or road touring excursions without a backpack.

An improved shape of the nose of the harness and repositioned buckles provide greater range of adjustment when partially loaded.

Wildcat Tapered Dry Bags

Tapered specifically to suit the Wildcat Tiger seat harness and make packing that little bit easier.


Exped Fold Dry Bag - Individual

Lightweight (70 Denier) waterproof dry bags with roll-top closure. Durable PU coated taffeta nylon with 10,000mm water column and fully taped seams for waterproof performance.


Exped Fold Dry Bag UL

Ultralight (15 Denier) versions of the classic Exped waterproof dry bag with rip-stop nylon with silicone coating on the outside and PU coating on the inside and lightweight roll-top closure.


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The Wildcat Tiger Drover model is our largest padded harness to protect and secure your dry bag behind the saddle. Our unique retention system eliminates swaying when loaded and resists working loose over rough terrain. The Tiger Drover is the larger of our two Tiger models, making it perfect for extended rides and longer tours. With minimal interference to your riding and so maintaining predictable handling, its a solid and reliable storage solution . Further storage capacity can be added with our existing frame bag and handlebar system products.

Wildcat Tiger Drover Features

  • Unique retention system eliminates swaying when loaded
  • Padded VX21 and ballistic nylon fabric construction protects your dry bag
  • Scaleable storage: use your own dry bags sized for your trip
  • The Drover version is sized for 5 to 10 litre dry bags
  • Lightweight: Only 195g


  • The Wildcat Tiger Drover is designed to fit most available saddles. It will fit a conventional twin-rail saddle, and either inline or layback seat posts.
  • A minimum of 17.5 cm of seat post is required
  • At least 20.5 cm of clearance between saddle and tyre is recommended.
  • The shape of the harness is designed to accommodate different manufacturers’ dry bags in a range of sizes. To optimise the insertion of the dry bag, we recommending packing soft items to ensure the tapered shape of the harness is filled properly.
  • There is no limit on the weight that the Tiger can hold, but very heavy loads will have a greater impact on the handling of the bike due to the position relative to the centre of gravity.


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Wildcat Gear Tiger

Additional information

Weight 195 g



Wildcat Tapered Dry Bags


Sylvester Black, Tweety Yellow


Drover (5-10L), Wayfarer (3-6L)

Exped Fold Dry Bag - Individual


5L, 8L


Olive, Black

Exped Fold Dry Bag UL


5L, 8L


Which colours is the Tiger available in?

The standard colour is black we hold in stock is black. Colour options are available with a custom frame bag order, allowing you to have coordinated luggage across the whole bike.

Does the Tiger come with a dry bag?

The Tiger is priced excluding a dry bag. However, we now stock Exped dry bags in a range of sizes and colours that can be purchased at the same time at additional cost. We also have a dedicated tapered dry bag in development available soon.

What size dry bag would recommend?

The Tiger Drover will take a dry bag between approx 5 – 10 litres in size.

The Tiger Wayfarer will take a dry bag between 3 – 10 litres in size.

Is the Tiger available in a larger size than 10 litres?

With some dry bags, including one we have in development, will provide a capacity of 10 litres. We feel this is the maximum volume that can be sensibly carried in this area of the bike, to avoid adverse handling effects when riding.

What is the minimum length of seat post needed to mount a Tiger?

The Tiger Wayfarer (3-6L) size requires a minimum of 15 cm of seat post extending from the frame.

The Tiger Drover (5-10L) size requires a minimum of 17.5 cm of seat post extending from the frame

Note: see also new FAQ for limits for tyre clearance below

How much clearance do I need between the tyre and the saddle?

The Tiger Wayfarer (3-6L) is approximately 15 cm diameter when filled with a 5 litre dry bag. We recommend you have an additional 3 cm to clear the tyre.

The Tiger Drover (5-10L) is approximately 17.5 cm diameter when filled with an 8 litre dry bag. We recommend you have an additional 3 cm to clear the tyre.

What seat post diameter will the Tiger accommodate?

The Tiger seat post strap is designed to fit diameters between 27 mm and 32 mm. Larger sizes and aero-posts can be accommodated with a custom modification. Please contact us for more details.

Will the straps mark my seat post?

As with most accessories attached directly to the bike, we recommend using some protective tape to preserve you anodised/ painted/ carbon finish. We stock genuine transparent 3M Helicopter Tape, available separately.

Is the Tiger compatible with mono-rail or I-beam saddles?

Sadly, no. The Tiger requires two conventional rails to attach the main straps.

Is the Tiger compatible with a “dropper” seat post?

We don’t recommend fitting a Tiger to a dropper seat post.

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