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Wildcat Gear

If you’ve had a look at our range of products and are still wondering why you should choose Wildcat Gear, here’s a little bit about our history:


We’re very proud to say that all our gear is made in the UK.


We were the first company in the UK to bring custom frame bags to the market to meet the emerging demand of bikepacking and ultra distance bike racing.


Over 20 years of experience in the field of mountain biking, which includes bikepacking and ultra racing, and in addition, over 15 years of experience with a sewing machine and three years specifically developing frame bags, you are assured that we know what is required when it comes to designing bikepacking gear.


We are the only company in the UK to offer a complete solution for the frame, handlebar and saddle storage zones, and in doing so have successfully released some truly innovate products for these areas.


We are especially proud to have seen our gear used in some very challenging conditions by some very accomplished UK riders. They have taken our kit to different parts of the world and completed some truly amazing rides and achievements. To name a few:

  • Aidan Harding – Setting the fastest time for the inaugural Cairngorms Loop, riding the Grenzstein Trophy using the Clouded Leopard, Mountain Lion and Prototype Tiger
  • Scott Cornish – racing the Titan Desert Stage Race using a Mountain Lion and Prototype Tiger
  • Mark Goldie – Seeing a new Trans Cambrian Way record using a Clouded Leopard
  • Ian Barrington – Setting the fastest time for the inaugural Bear Bones 200, using the Clouded Leopard and Mountain Lion


We use many different types of materials in making our products. Wherever we can, we try and source these in the UK. These include webbing, foam, hook/loop, thread and logo panels.