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It’s always good to hear back from customers on what they think of our gear. Here are a few recent comments we’ve received on different products:

The [Tiger] saddle pack arrived this morning … excellent piece of kit and so well made … Well engineered solution.

Paul E.

I received the Leopard frame bag and Mountain Lion on Tuesday and made a first ride with it yesterday. It looks perferct, and works perfect !!
The frame bag is a perfect fit. Great, thanks a lot for a briliant job.

Koen D.

Just back from trip. The [Leopard] bag was brilliant – an inspired design. Thanks Beth.

John P.

I was very happy with the performance of the [Mountain Lion] harness. It was so good that it actually changes how I pack my kit: I used to only ever keep night-time stuff in the front because it was such a pain to get something out and then re-attach the bag. With the harness, everything was simple! Particularly handy for drying out my bivi during day-time stops.

Aidan H.

I’ve been using the Mountain Lion a lot. I think it’s an excellent design and I’m very pleased with it.

Donald M.

Just thought I give you some feedback on the bags after my trip to the outer Hebrides. The [Mountain Lion] handlebar harness worked really well – I tend to use really short stems but even so there was no rubbing of the harness on the head tube despite me having a large ortleib dry bag attached to it all week. I was on my Salsa Mukluk and this was the first time I’ve used a frame bag and I was surprised how much you could stash in it and how stable it was. I’m glad I went for the internal divider as it made stashing stuff much easier.

Phil C.

The frame bag arrived safely and fits perfectly. It looks really good and everything fits inside. Thank you and take care.

Przemek D.

A very quick note to say that I received my [Leopard] frame bag today – waaay ahead of my planned trip. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys have put in getting everything sorted, made and shipped ahead of time!

Gairy M.

Today I’ve got the [Leopard] bag and the [Mountain Lion] harness. Wonderful work. I was more than surprised. It fits perfectly into the frame.

Michael G.

Our German trip with the SRAM guys went very well.  First time they’d bivied so a bit of a new experience for our Italian and German friends! The [Mountain Lion] worked wonderfully, I used it on this trip and a couple of others now.  It’s super stable and takes my dry bag no problems.  Riding with it was a lot easier than I was expecting.  I usually run with a seat pack and smallish rucsac but with the bar bag the weight distribution was much better and I felt the bike handled a lot better.  I used the bar system for my sleep set up, basically a RAB down bag and Bivi. All in all a great product.

Olie E.