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Tom Cat - fitted to Jones Loop

What’s New, Pussycat?

Introducing the Tom Cat.

Half the fun here at Wildcat Gear is designing and making stuff that is totally new. Not just a re-hash of something else that another company has conceived, but taking an existing design and really improving on it. Better still, to start with a blank sheet, a seed of an idea and build on it.

The Tom Cat fitted to a Jones Loop H-Bar

The Tom Cat fitted to a Jones Loop H-Bar

This is exactly what we did with the Tom Cat. Our latest creation, the result of experimenting with different ideas and designs as far back as 18 months. We’re big fans of the Jones Handlebars, namely the Loop and Cut-Loop H-Bar ®. With a supremely comfortable back sweep to the bars, buy zovirax 800mg they are great for all day rides and have adorned our bikes here for the past two years. The Loop design creates a multitude of different hand positions, but we found ourselves settling on just a couple. That just left us with the space in the middle, and what could be done with it.

More capacity that you might think

More capacity that you might think

The beauty of the Tom Cat is the instant accessibility to small items while riding, and it’s surprising capacity. Whether it’s a small wind jacket, gels, bars, camera or phone, one-handed access into the bag on the fly is quick and efficient without disrupting your riding. You can check it out in more detail in our Shop.



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