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Frame Bags: Meet the Ocelot

The pile of frame templates in the workshop was getting out of hand. Something had to be done with them. What looked like a heap of random bits of triangular cardboard, were in fact a vast wealth of information in relation to the geometry of every frame we’ve ever made a frame bag for. So, […]

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Bespoked Bristol Photos

Here are our small collection of Bespoked Bristol photos from last month. It was a privilege to go knowing that our gear would be on display on a number of stands, even if we didn’t have a direct presence there ourselves for the whole three days. The large hall was packed with people and the […]

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The Clouded Leopard

There are quite a few of our Leopards out in the wild now, but not so many Clouded Leopards. We thought it was time to throw the spotlight on them a little. While the Leopard is our main full triangle frame bag, the rarer Clouded Leopard appears in a smaller form to fit around frame […]

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Trans Cambrian Way

The Trans Cambrian Way (TCW) is a long distance MTB route, conceived by IMBA, that follows a winding route of just over 100 miles from the Welsh Border at Knighton nearly to the sea at Dovey Junction. As a route, it’s challenging both in terms of distance, navigation, trail surface and general lack of facilities […]

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Tour Divide: Interview with Kevin Cunniffe

I met Kevin during the Welsh Ride Thing in 2010. We sipped whisky in the Claerddu Bothy and chatted about the bike adventures we wanted to do. At the top of Kevin’s list was the Tour Divide. When Wildcat Gear was still in its infancy, Kevin contacted us to make a frame bag for him for […]

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