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The Clouded Leopard

There are quite a few of our Leopards out in the wild now, but not so many Clouded Leopards. We thought it was time to throw the spotlight on them a little. While the Leopard is our main full triangle frame bag, the rarer Clouded Leopard appears in a smaller form to fit around frame […]

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Trans Cambrian Way

The Trans Cambrian Way (TCW) is a long distance MTB route, conceived by IMBA, that follows a winding route of just over 100 miles from the Welsh Border at Knighton nearly to the sea at Dovey Junction. As a route, it’s challenging both in terms of distance, navigation, trail surface and general lack of facilities […]

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Bear Bones 200

This is the first of a short series of reports that look back at some┬ábike packing events that have taken place in this country and abroad, where our gear was used. We’re always interested on how our gear holds up in the toughest conditions. This year was the first year that the Bear Bones 200 […]

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Update: November

It’s been a busy few months at Wildcat HQ. A steady flow of frame bag orders have been keeping us quite busy lately, which is good in many ways but at the expense of finalising the Lioness front pouch and the Tiger seat system. The cold dark winter evenings will surely lend themselves to getting […]

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Update: July

We’ve been a bit behind on the website lately, so here’s a few things to bring you up to date. Boring stuff first: we’re having some building work done at Wildcat Gear HQ. While the builders do their thing, we’ve had to relocate out into the wilds of Wales. It’s so remote that we’re without […]

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