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Lion – Limited Edition


**Limited Edition colour options available in limited quantities**

The Lion is a universal solution to securely hold your own dry bag under the handlebars of your bike, providing very secure attachment and minimal interference with your bike. Now featuring a removable tongue that fits under the dry bag, protecting it from trail debris from the front wheel. This VX21-constructed panel provides excellent abrasion resistance and helps to distribute strap pressure around the dry bag itself.

Price includes harness only. Dry bag pictured available separately.

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Limited Edition Colours

We have limited quantities of our classic Lion harness in the following coloured VX fabric:

  • Multi-camo
  • Digital-camo
  • Arctic-camo
  • Black-camo
  • Slate-grey
  • Blue
  • Red

* Wildcat Gear dry bag not included, but available separately.

The Wildcat Gear Lion comprises of a padded harness to retain your own dry bag under the bars. Our unique and secure retention system provides maximum stability and resists working loose over rough terrain.

The Lion delivers a solid storage solution with minimal interference to your riding. This helps to maintaining predictable handling, and compliments our frame bag and seat system storage solutions.

Wildcat Gear Lion Features

  • Unique retention system eliminates movement when loaded.
  • Padded VX21 and ballistic nylon fabric construction protects your dry bag.
  • NEW: now features a removable tongue to distribute strap pressure and protect underside of dry bag from trail debris.
  • Scaleable storage: use your own dry bags sized for your trip.
  • Optimised for 8 to 13 litre dry bags.
  • Lightweight: Only 140g (minimum weight, without tongue)


  • The Wildcat Gear Lion will fit a wide range of handlebar types, including road bars.
  • The retention system fits around all types of conventional forks, rigid or suspension. Not compatible with the Cannondale Lefty “fork”.
  • It may be necessary to lengthen gear cables to provide a smoother curve around your luggage for an optimum fit.

In The Press

  • Singletrack World – Issue 83: Wildcat Gear Lion.
    – Digital copy for Premier Singletrack World users here.
    – Our blog entry here.

Wildcat Gear Mountain Lion

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 28.5 x 24 cm

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Which colour options are there on the Lion?

The standard in-stock colour is black. Colour options are available with a custom frame bag order, allowing you to have coordinated luggage across the whole bike.

Does the Lion come with a dry bag?

The Lion is priced excluding a dry bag. However, we now stock Exped dry bags in a range of sizes that can be purchased at the same time at additional cost.

What size dry bag would recommend?

The Lion will take a dry bag between approx 5 – 13 litres in size. Select a size that will fit under your handlebar without coming in contact with your front wheel. If using suspension forks, make sure you allow or clearance when the fork is fully compressed.

I have a long head tube on my bike. Will the Lion fit?

The Lion straps allow you accommodate an overall stack height (from crown race to under stem, including headset and any spacers) of __ cm

I have dropped handlebars – will the Lion fit?

Yes, the padded panel of the Lion measures approximately 35 cm wide and so will easily fit between the controls on drop bars. The internal width of most drop bars limits the dry bag capacity to approx. 8 litres.

Will the Lion fit around my brake and gear cables?

The Lion is designed to generally sit under your cables, leaving space between the padded panel and the head tube for cables to be routed without significant difficulty. Depending on you precise set-up and load size, it may be necessary to lengthen cable outers to maintain a smooth curve for cables and hoses.

Is the Lion compatible with v-brakes/ calliper/ cantilever brakes?

In the vast majority of cases, we have have found the Lion to fit behind these types of brakes. Some road bikes with tight clearances between the calliper brake and a carbon fork can cause a problem.

Is the Lion compatible with a Jones Truss fork?

Yes, it is. Instead of attaching the lower strap to where a conventional fork crown would be, they can be strapped to the triangular braces just forward of the head tube.

Is the Lion compatible with a Cannondale Lefty fork?

No, it isn’t.

Will it mark my forks and handlebars?

As with most accessories attached directly to the bike, we recommend using some protective tape to preserve you anodised/ painted/ carbon finish. We stock genuine transparent 3M Helicopter Tape, available separately.


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