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The strength, functionality and durability of our products are determined by the fabrics, materials and other components we use. Every single component within our bags or harnesses is selected after careful research, selection and testing.


Dimension-Polyant VX fabric forms the main outer face of our frame bags and harnesses. It is unique in that it is 4 layers laminated together instead of just one layer with PU coating. The layers are:

  1. a woven Nylon face fabric for abrasion resistance and DWR
  2. X-Ply polyester yarn insert for bias stability and tear strength
  3. PET (Mylar) film for waterproof and stretch control
  4. a woven polyester backing for seam strength and durability.

Compared to traditional PU coated nylon (e.g. Cordura), VX fabric is stronger and lower stretch than anything else available and is always waterproof (no PU coating to wear off).

In areas of potentially higher abrasion we use a ballistic nylon to provide maximum durability; e.g. around the spine of the frame bag, or key areas areas on the handlebar and seat harnesses.

Other Materials

High quality waterproof zips and nickel-plated sliders from YKK provide the very best in durability and protection in potentially adverse conditions.

High quality and super-grippy Rip Fast hook and loop systems provide the best attachment for the bags on the frame, selected in a variety of widths to suit the profile of the frame.

Closed-cell foam padding all the way around the interface with the frame provides a rattle-free solution for the bag contents and minimises impacts or abrasion to the frame from angular objects inside the bag.