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Tom Cat - fitted to Jones Loop

What’s New, Pussycat?

Introducing the Tom Cat. Half the fun here at Wildcat Gear is designing and making stuff that is totally new. Not just a re-hash of something else that another company has conceived, but taking an existing design and really improving on it. Better still, to start with a blank sheet, a seed of an idea […]

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Frame Bags: Meet the Ocelot

The pile of frame templates in the workshop was getting out of hand. Something had to be done with them. What looked like a heap of random bits of triangular cardboard, were in fact a vast wealth of information in relation to the geometry of every frame we’ve ever made a frame bag for. So, […]

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New Product: Tiger

We’re pleased to announce that the newest addition to the Wildcat Gear range, the Tiger, is now available. Check out the product page here, and the ordering page can be found here.

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The Tigers are Coming…

Following sneak previews and other snippets of information on internet forums and twitter, we’re pleased and excited to announce the impending launch of our seat system: The Tiger. The Tiger represents a different approach to the soft-pack system for the rear of the bike, attaching behind the saddle in the form of a harness into which you […]

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The Clouded Leopard

There are quite a few of our Leopards out in the wild now, but not so many Clouded Leopards. We thought it was time to throw the spotlight on them a little. While the Leopard is our main full triangle frame bag, the rarer Clouded Leopard appears in a smaller form to fit around frame […]

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Update: November

It’s been a busy few months at Wildcat HQ. A steady flow of frame bag orders have been keeping us quite busy lately, which is good in many ways but at the expense of finalising the Lioness front pouch and the Tiger seat system. The cold dark winter evenings will surely lend themselves to getting […]

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Update: July

We’ve been a bit behind on the website lately, so here’s a few things to bring you up to date. Boring stuff first: we’re having some building work done at Wildcat Gear HQ. While the builders do their thing, we’ve had to relocate out into the wilds of Wales. It’s so remote that we’re without […]

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Welsh Ride Thing

This is where it all began. My husband, Ian, did the Welsh Ride Thing last year and asked me if I could make a frame bag for his bike. We tried a couple of pre-prototypes to get the shape right, before making one out of ordinary cordura. The first design was a little rough (to […]

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