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Bespoked 2015: Steve Makin investigates the head badge

Bespoked Bristol 2015 By Steve Makin

Back in its rightful place at Bristol this year’s Bespoked show brought together an amazing collection of bicycle related  beauty.

It is akin to entering Aladdin’s Cave for anyone with a need for a bicycle fix, a very big Aladdin’s Cave full of other people with the same need.


In amongst the many beautiful things on display at Bespoked Bristol there are small gem-like details that sometimes get missed.

In the rush to see and feast your eyes, to document these beauties and quickly show the internet, it is often hard to divert your gaze away from the craftsmanship, the artisanship, the stunning paint schemes, the latest and greatest components and the very obvious love for bicycles which is here in all its glory, and see the personal cheap zovirax prices touch of the frame builder.


Because the bicycles and frames on display are often a collaboration, usually a meeting of desires and wants, they sometimes don’t show ‘just’ the frame builders personality and character.

My take on this is that the head tube badge is the single item that truly reflects the personality of the frame builder.

You can see the that some are very personal and detailed, some quite abstract and not immediately obvious, and some very elegant, all of each individual frame builders bikes have these head tube badges fitted, it is they that tie all of his or her bikes together and make them unique to the builder.

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