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Lion, Lioness & Tiger

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Gain the full benefits of our gear by choosing our gear bundles, selected to provide a variety of combinations to meet your bikepacking needs.

The Lion Lioness Tiger Bundle includes our core harness systems for the front and rear of the bike, with additional storage provided with the Lioness front pack.

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The Lion Lioness Tiger combination includes our core harness systems for the front and rear of the bike, with additional storage provided with the Lioness front pack. Universal fit across many different types of bikes, this provides an excellent entry point into soft-pack bicycle luggage systems.

Buying our gear as a bundle is an excellent way to gain the full benefits of the Wildcat Gear luggage systems at a great price.

Lion Lioness Tiger Bundle

Mountain Lion:

The Lion harness securely holds your own dry bag under the handlebars of your bike, with minimal interference with your bike. Now featuring a VX21-constructed removable tongue that fits under the dry bag, protecting it from trail debris from the front wheel and helps to distribute strap pressure around the dry bag itself.

Optimised for 8 to 13 litre dry bags*


The Lioness is an extremely useful front storage pack to compliment the Lion. It adds approximately 2 litres of flexible storage capacity within easy reach of the cockpit of the bike.

One size: curved profile is optimised for 8 to 13 litre dry bags.

Tiger Drover:

The Wildcat Gear Tiger is our innovative solution to securely hold your own dry bag behind your saddle. It provides a very secure attachment and minimal interference with your bike. The Drover version is sized to suit a larger load between 5 and 10 litres. Perfect for those longer  bikepacking or road touring excursions without a backpack.

Drover: for 5 to 10 litre dry bags*

* Note that dry bags are not included in the product bundle, but are available to purchase elsewhere in our shop: Exped Fold Drybags or Exped Fold Drybag UL. Select a size based on the guide show above for the relevant product.

Wildcat Gear harnesses are designed to accept conventional dry bags from a wide range of other manufacturers.

2 reviews for Lion, Lioness & Tiger

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi Beth

    Just come back from 12 days unsupported cycling trip from Santander to Roscoff, approximately 800 miles. Six of us in the group 4 with Apidura Saddle Pack14L, 1 with Alpkit Koala 13L Seat Bag, and me with Lion, Lioness, Tiger bundle. I matched this with two Exped UL Dry Bags 8L. I was riding my full race Canonodale Super Six Evo High Mod, and everything fitted brilliantly even with the close front fork clearances.

    Luggage performed brilliantly, only made 1 mistake early on by not tightening up the Lion straps tight enough, and it sagged without me noticing, and the front tyre wore a small hole in it. The Tiger Drover was excellent and provided no significant sway, even when climbing out of the saddle. One of the best features of this luggage is that it allowed me to balance the weight for and aft which gave excellent bike handling. Also at the end of the day I only had to loosen a couple of straps, and hey presto, my dry bags and kit were free. Also very easy to load each morning. Tiger front to back strap 1st then tightening the side strape, and the Lion only had 2 clips and then straps had to be pulled tight. The velcro locking also really worked well rolling up and locking away any spare strap ends (tidy). The Lioness is a brilliant bag with all the need to get to bits easlily at hand, camera, glasses, sweets, power bank (garmin 1000 won’t last a whole day in any setup and a 3350 lipstick size powerbank in the lioness its the perfect solution). Big enough for all I needed and so simple to remove, just four buckle clicks and its off, brilliant. The UL Dry bags performed well, but anything with any sort of edge needed wrapping, and I still managed to puncture the front one a few times despite much care, I think the slightly heavier ones would have been a better option. So no frame bags needed, which for me is another bonus.
    This is not a scientific review, but comparison’s were made with the other luggage in use.
    The Alpkit was very tail wag happy, and the rider removed it and refitted it each day, it didn’t look comfortable, and dry bags were used to provide a waterproof solution.

    The Apidura users, less movement than the Alpkit, but still a very tail heavy solution. Dry bags were used for waterproofing, and some people removed the whole bag in the evening, while others just removed the dry bags, far more fiddly than mine.

    Well Done Wildcat, Great Bike Packing Luggage.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Like most men I don’t follow instructions, but after 20 minutes of faffing I ate humble pie and followed the simple but detailed instructions on to how fit the Lion harness on to my handle bars. Once on it’s on and in place it sits perfectly in front of the head tube with enough room for both brake and gear cables.

    When extra space is needed the Lioness up front (also follow the instructions how to fit it properly, that’s 10 more minutes I’ll never get back not following the instructions that came with it) is great for keeping those things that you need to hand…. eh close to hand, plus it helps hold the dry bag in place when the “tongue” of the Lion is removed.

    I’ve tried and sold on other handle bar systems, this one is simple, strong, light weight and sturdy at the same time.

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